Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Love Emeritus

‘I love you’
and its evil twin
‘Luv ya’

how they flow across the tongue
glib but tired half-true habits
drones in need of overhaul

soundless noise
unmeant unheard
invalid password
instinct-blocked from other’s heart

what eager understudy
waits in wings of romance —
love’s more genuine self?

what if?
what if instead I said,
“I cherish you.”

ahh, ‘cherish’ . . .
to hold another dear
take care of

naught in safe reserve
Cupid’s sharpest arrow
costing the lover
delighting the beloved

now there’s love’s worthy sub

*  *  *

Selected for publication in the Literary Review,
a journal of the California Writers Club, founded in 1909

"Love Emeritus" and image "Couple on the Beach," Santa Cruz, CA
(c) 2013 by Alfred J. Garrotto

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