Monday, November 18, 2013

The Poetry of Wisdom

From the Book of Wisdom
(7:22 - 8:1)

(c) 2013 Alfred J.Garrotto *
In my November 13, 2013 post, I offered an understanding of wisdom that is philosophical, almost chronological (first this, then that). To balance that heady approach, I now offer an even more compelling poetic view of wisdom.
The Book of Wisdom was written 
in Egypt between the years 80-50 BCE. The author was a Jew living in a Greek-speaking world. His aim was to express the faith and wisdom of tiny Israel in a form influenced by and understandable to his surrounding Greek culture. 

The seventh chapter of Wisdom contains a hymn/poem that is dedicated to the all-pervasive Spirit of God. In it, the author issues a call to all of us to channel the divine wisdom in every aspect of our lives. 

The following abridged form of the biblical text serves as a personal life-map for recognizing true wisdom amid the myriad imposters that clog the road of our daily lives--and living it.

Wisdom is . . .


cannot corrupt
loves what is good
nothing can restrain it
loving humankind
sees everything

surpasses in nobility all that moves
permeates all things
a reflection of eternal light
spotless mirror of God’s action
image of God’s goodness
more beautiful than the sun
surpasses all constellations
outrivals light
orders all things rightly . . .

Christian Community Bible: Catholic Pastoral Edition
© 1999, Bernardo Hurault and Patricia Grogan, FC
Imprimatur: Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines

Alfred J. Garrotto is the author of the novel

* Photo "Santa Cruz Sunset"

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