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The Wisdom of Joseph--Son and Guide

I am honored to welcome Kathryn Davi-Cardinale, author of the inspiring personal story, Joseph--My Son, My Guide: Communications From the Baby I Lost at Birth. Kathryn is a certified grief counselor and clinical hypnotherapist residing in the San Francisco (CA) Bay Area. In her book, she shares with us how her baby, who lived only three minutes, returned years later to communicate with his mother. This week, I had an opportunity to interview the author.

WLM: What inspired you to write "Joseph"?

Kathryn: Actually, the book wrote itself. From the beginning of this unusual experience, I sensed that this needed to be a book, but I had no idea how or if it could become one. Honestly, it didn't matter to me. I have spent years doubting and coming to terms with Joseph's "inner dictations." All the while, I kept writing and documenting everything that was being given to me.

Kathryn Davi-Cardinale
WLM: What is your personal belief about afterlife?

Kathryn: I believe that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience, and that we will return to an eternal place at the end of our earth life. We change from day to day, as we grow in wisdom. We are all teachers and students to each other. I remind myself to see the grace in every person and that negative judgment only causes harm to oneself. For years I have started my morning with a prayer similar to that of St. Francis of Assisi: "Lord, make me a channel of your peace, love, compassion, understanding, and forgiveness."

WLM: How emotionally difficult was it for you to let go of your story and send it out to the world?

Kathryn: Once the messages changed from being personal to "universal," it was not difficult to let go of the story. I was told that the messages were for everyone and needed to be published. Joseph said, "Each ear will hear it differently." From that time on, I knew it wasn't about me. I was only a channel to get the messages out to those who would benefit from them.

WLM: What sort of responses have you received from readers?

Kathryn: My heart has been warmed by so many beautiful responses. Some have come from those who themselves have lost loved ones and now feel at peace, knowing that life continues.

Many readers have written or called me to share their own experiences of communication from loved ones "on the other side." Until now they had never told this to anyone for fear that people might think they were crazy. My story has given them permission to share it with me and feel normal again.

Some have applauded my courage and strength to follow Joseph's guidance in publishing his messages. That sounds strange to me, because it never occurred to me to do otherwise.

Still others have read the book more than once and gained even more insight, realizing that we all have a unique purpose in life. It seems that each reader receives what they are meant to receive for their own spiritual growth. This seems to be the true purpose of the book.

WLM: Do you see this as the one-and-only book? Or, do you have another in mind?

Kathryn: Regarding another book, I have been told that Joseph and my guides will work with me again, and I am willing. So, it seems that Joseph--My Son, My Guide is Book One in what appears to be an ongoing journey.

WLM: Do your "Joseph revelations" continue?

Kathryn: When the book was ready for publication, I received messages on and off from Joseph, thanking me for following through with it. The final message I received said, in part:

WLM: What advice would you offer to someone out there who has an "unusual" true story to tell?

Kathryn: My advice to anyone who has a true story that has changed their life is "go for it." You never know who else is experiencing the same thing you are. Your story can help someone over a hurdle and give them courage. Always honor your own "truth." It doesn't matter who doesn't understand it. Being authentic is truly a gift you give to yourself.

WLM: What is your fondest hope for your book? 

Kathryn: My fondest wish is that Joseph--My Son, My Guide will inspire everyone to listen to and trust their personal "inner voice."

WLM: Thank you, Kathryn. I hope your book will inspire many people to follow their own truth. Visitors to this blog who would like to communicate with Kathryn Davi-Cardinale are invited to e-mail her at

Joseph–My Son, My Guide is available online in paperback. It is also an ebook at Amazon Kindle and will soon be available in all major ebook formats. The paperback edition can also be ordered through local bookstores.

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Alfred J. Garrotto is the author of The Saint of Florenville: A Love Story

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Wisdom of Sunflowers: Part II--Reunion

We were drawn to the sunflowers the moment we saw "Fresh Bouquet" displayed  among Roman Czerwinski's many paintings. What Esther and I did not understand at first was how deeply connected we were to that work.

Friday is Art Night on Lahaina's Front Street. Over the years we have met and conversed with world-famous artists, including Robert Lyn Nelson, whose marine life paintings are legendary. We've also spent "quality time" with the Italian Twins,  Alessio and Marcello Bugagiar, whose exquisite work we greatly admire. 

On this special Art Night, there was only one artist we wanted to see--the one who, 20 years ago, had invited each of our two little girls to place a leaf on one of his impressionist paintings. By prearrangement, we arrived at Sargents Fine Art where Roman was waiting to greet us.

It's hard to explain, but the three of us felt an immediate bond, as if the intervening years had collapsed into days. We gathered in a small, private showroom to share memories and update our life stories. Then, Roman told us about the painting and what it meant to him. 

The sunflowers recalled his childhood in Poland, playing football while rubbing the golden flowers in the palms of his hands to free and eat the seeds. The bright red vase reminded him of the Solidarity Movement that toppled the Communist regime in his native country--being the first of many dominoes to fall in Eastern Europe by 1989. Roman told of his days as one of many unarmed student activists, who occupied his university buildings, facing down a powerful, teargas-tossing militia. He signs his paintings in red, because Czerwinski means 'red' in Polish. He spoke in a reverent tone of being present at Pope John Paul II's 1979 speech. Employing what has been called "soft power," the pope told the crowds, "Be not afraid." Roman interpreted the message as, "Follow your heart." A year later the Solidarity Movement became a force for freedom. Truly, a David vs. Goliath.

For our part, we shared our emotional 2010 visit to the very shipyard in Gdansk, where dockworker Lech Walesa led a  strike that--after much suffering--succeeded in overcoming the regime. Walesa went on to become president of the newly free Poland.

During the hour we spent together, we came to see that our friend Roman is not only a great artist, but a deeply spiritual, caring, and generous man. As we were parting, I told him that I felt a strong fraternal connection between us.

Czerwinski's "Fresh Bouquet" now occupies an honored place in our home. 

[Note: Our reunion with Roman Czerwinski took place on August 17, 2012.]

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Alfred J. Garrotto is the author of The Saint of Florenville: A Love Story

(c) 2012 by Alfred J. Garrotto