Thursday, January 5, 2012

Epiphany--The Gift I Hide Apart

My friend Tom Savignano is a wise and gifted poet. This being the week of Epiphany and the gifts of the magi in Christian communities, I am pleased to share the following with Tom's permission.

Tom Savignano

Gold I’m happy
to buy and give ---
would you fancy a ring, a coin,
a 24 carat star?

Myrrh, perhaps?
The stores are stocked
with scent,
candles, soap,
imported incense.

“No,” you smile
and smiling ask
the very thing I hoard,
I hide apart ---

flawed ---

You win, Sir.
Take my heart.

Tom is the author of several books of poetry, including Way Stations: A Journal of Prayers, Songs and Psalms and Prayers and Reminscences.

Alfred J. Garrotto is the author of the suspense novel,
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