Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Epiphany: Visit of a Wise Woman

I can't let this first week of 2011 (Epiphany Week in the Catholic calendar) evolve into the second week without saying a grateful farewell to a wise woman whose daily inspirations guided me through 2010. I'm referring to Sr. Joan Chittister, OSB, whose daily scriptural commentaries enhanced my use and appreciation of last year's edition of The Bible Diary. I've been using this series for the past six years--jotting reflections and insights, marking personal and family highs and lows, reminding myself to pray for people and causes.

The 2010 diary was by far the best, and for that I credit the earthy wisdom and spiritual insight of one of the sanest minds in American Catholicism today. Joan could say in three sentences what other writers--including myself--require paragraphs to capture. Thank you, Joan. I already miss you. The men who provided the daily commentaries for this year's edition can't match you, either in wisdom or in brevity.

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