Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Mystery of "Hits"

Authorsden.com has served me well as a convenient repository for my novels, articles, blog posts (from this page), and poems. The site also serves as a pretty effective marketing outreach to a monthly audience of 1.4 million visitors. 

Of all the items I've archived on AuthorsDen, I've listed those that have received the most hits on my page. Why these lead the pack, I can't begin to explain. I personally would have chosen others. Here goes:

Poem: "A Wedding Toast" (10,980 hits and counting)

May the sun give light and warmth to the days ahead of you;
May the moon soften your nights with never-waning romance;
May you be each other's North Star and compass through life;
And may our God walk with you to make you strong, loving and wise.

Novel: Finding Isabella (8,400 hits and counting)

Article: "Welcome to the Family: A Parent Talks to Children About Lent" (6,513 hits and counting)

Like every writer, I do some one thing every day to get my work "out there" to the public. My lack of fame, or even name recognition, means that I have a long way to go in learning how the write the "Great American (__whatever__)" and find an audience for it, beyond the people who already love me.

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All rights reserved

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